3 thoughts on “March 21: Saturday of the 3rd Week of Lent

  1. This is AWESOME Father Mike! I really appreciate you taking the time to make these posts! I certainly look forward to them on a daily basis. ALL very going points. Wow…YES… we certainly have taken things for granted. I stopped at Giant Eagle today and the workers brought me to tears with their hard work of unpacking the boxes and providing/risking their lives for US. The value of mass and the faith community…not being able to attend Adoration yesterday and mass tomorrow. You are right…this is a time where hearts need to open and we all need to see how much God has given us! Thanks for sharing your insight. Hope you day is getting better:-)

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  2. Thank you fot your thoughts and for admitting to human frailty. I was not having a good day and didn’t get to listening until now, 1:45am on Sunday. I heard the news about the person in Clairton passing away from this virus. We hear about the many people who are sick and those who have died, but it doesn’t hit until it’s closer to home. I didn’t know her personally but I am good friends with one of her relatives. It brought to mind the terrible grief they must be feeling…to be one of the statistics. Then I thought, can my friend comfort her brother? Can she put her arms around him or does she have to keep a distance to avoid becoming infected so as not to spread it to her children are grandchildren? I felt even more sad and sickened because she’s a “hugger” and isn’t that what we do to comfort others? Then my mind started to spiral to a dark side. That’s when I clicked on your podcast and it helped to reestablish my balance. I’m going to go back and meditate on that reading. I’m going to cling real hard to that fragile ribbon of hope. I’m going to picture the light piercing this darkness. Thank you, Father. God bless you.


  3. Always good to hear a perspective that there is the other side of this even – and that we need to celebrate it and celebrate what we sacrificed and gained during this period. It should also teach us to bind together as Children of God even when there is not a crisis. Have a blessed week!


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