4 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. Yeah!!! The kids have asked everyday to listen to Father Mike. You’ve become part of our daily schedule and we missed you. Also, if you wrote a book we would all read it! Thanks for feeding our souls.


  2. I understand. The other day I had a meltdown and what started it was the silliest thing. I’ve tried to avoid watching too much news. I had been trying to keep busy and sat down to watch my favorite soap when it was interrupted by another news conference. This time it was Dr. Levin who was talking about mental health and warning people to not watch too much of the news. It sent me over the cliff. I cried, I ranted. Then, I felt ashamed for reacting this way when there are people dying, people who are putting their lives on the line, and so on. I’m homebound. I have not been able to get out for months except an occasional doctor’s appointment. I’m used to watching the world through the window. I’ve gotten used to watching Mass on TV. Yet, I felt trapped. I’m afraid for my friends and family. On an on and on my mind swirled. So, I prayed. Then I felt some peace. Someone shared a story with me… I’ll abbreviate it. What was the first Easter like for the apostles and followers of Christ? They were hidden away, afraid to go out, wondering what their future was going to be like. It put things in perspective for me. I missed your talks but I understand. Peace to you.


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