Holy Thursday, take 2

So the original post this morning was intended to be a video, and not just the usual audio recording.  Turns out this may not be the best platform for video, because once again I had a lot of trouble uploading it…and when I did, it didn’t render properly and no one was actually able to view it.

It wasn’t much of a video; just me, sitting at my desk, talking a little bit about the Chrism Mass, which ordinarily would have happened this morning, and has been delayed indefinitely.

The highlight of the Chrism Mass, at least for me, is the renewal of our priestly promises.  And while we will eventually do that, whenever we get to gather, I wanted to renew them today anyway, for two reasons.  The first is that I needed a spiritual shot in the arm.  I’m not kidding when I say this Holy Week has been incredibly difficult.  The second is that I hope it would bring some consolation to others; that it would serve as reassurance that all your priests, wherever you are and whoever they are, are still deeply committed to you and to the Church.

And so, while this perhaps doesn’t have the impact that it would had it been on video…

I, Reverend Michael Patrick Conway, am resolved to renew in communion with my Bishop and God’s holy people, the promises I once made. I am resolved to be more united with the Lord Jesus and more closely conformed to him, denying myself and confirming those promises about sacred duties towards Christ’s Church which, prompted by love of him, I willingly and joyfully pledged on the day of my priestly ordination.

I am resolved to be a faithful steward of the mysteries of God in the Holy Eucharist and the other liturgical rites and to discharge faithfully the sacred office of teaching, following Christ the Head and Shepherd, not seeking any gain, but moved only by zeal for souls.

May the Lord keep us all in his charity, and lead all of us, shepherds and flock, to eternal life.


*text adapted from the Roman Missal

5th Sunday of Lent: March 29, 2020

It was like pulling teeth to make this one happen.  Did yesterday’s recording in one take; this one took 7 or 8.  But hey, I got it done, and I even rant a little bit in it.

Today’s readings are here.

My hope is to get another recording done later with some thoughts on the latest restrictions from the Diocese, as well as the Papal blessing from Friday.  No guarantees, though.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross have always been one of my favorite devotions, so I’ve been wanting to find a way to share them with you all here during this particularly difficult Lenten season.  It’s been tougher than I anticipated.  I thought it would be nice to make them a video of sorts, rather than me just reading them to you, and I still think that’s the right call…but it turns out I’m not much of a video editor.  Nor, for that matter, do I fully understand how to use everything WordPress has put at my disposal.

Nevertheless, here’s something I cobbled together.  I tried to post this a little earlier and it didn’t seem to work; hopefully this one does.  If not, I suppose it’s back to the drawing board.