April 30, 2023: 4th Sunday of Easter

It’s been too long since I’ve posted, I know. Very busy behind the scenes. I think we’re starting to come out of all that, though, and maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to start posting more soon. Until then, here’s this weekend’s Mass. To be honest, I feel like I did a better job on Saturday evening, but this is what it is.

From Sheep to Shepherd Ep 3

My parish has recently launched it’s own podcast, cleverly titled From Sheep to Shepherd. It’s still in it’s nascent stages, but we’ve got big hopes and plans for it. Anyway, I recently made a guest appearance on said podcast, telling my vocation story. Reckon I’ll share it here in case you’re interested.

March 12, 2023: 3rd Sunday of Lent

This was an odd week. Didn’t have much in mind going into Saturday night, but I feel like I did well with it. The early Mass on Sunday morning was not good…between 2 funerals Saturday morning, the school fundraiser Saturday night, and the stupid time change, I was really dragging. So the 11:00 Mass, which you get here, was something of a personal compromise. It is what it is.

February 26, 2023 – First Sunday of Lent

I was finally back on a livestreamed Mass this weekend! Unfortunately, I think I gave a better version of this homily the night before, which wasn’t livestreamed. Not that either version was great.

Posting this from the office. Perhaps when I get home I’ll find a way to chop the video so it’s just the homily and not the entire Mass.

January 29, 2023: 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

This was the official kickoff to Catholic Schools Week, so Mass was much more crowded than usual. (Suspiciously, the collection did not increase proportionately.) There were an awful lot of really little ones in church, and at times they were rather…vocal. I’m not sure how much of that gets picked up on the video. Also, I’m told the feed was a little choppy again. I don’t know why we keep having these problems. All that being said…enjoy.