Mother’s Day

I know, I know, I’ve been negligent in posting this week – again – and I don’t have a very good excuse – again.  But tomorrow’s a new week; maybe I’ll do better.

I’m not going to post tomorrow; but you can watch Mass on the parish YouTube channel.

Mass is live at 10; replay will be available afterwards.

May 1: Ite ad Joseph

We survived April.

I think.

Anyway, welcome to May, and while May is dedicated in a special way to our Blessed Mother, it starts with a feast in honor of her holy spouse, Saint Joseph.  And since Saint Joseph is the patron of one of my parishes, we’re treating it with the solemnity that is its due.

So you can watch our Mass, and catch my homily, live at 8:15 AM on our YouTube channel.  It will be available for replay shortly after the Mass ends.

April 25 (Part 1): What Feast Day is it?

So this is a rare one…not only do you get a Saturday post, but you’re going to get two of them.

Today the church is celebrating the feast of Saint Mark, evangelist, but I’m not…I’m celebrating a very specific, higher rank of feast.  But that’s for part two.

This part tries to explain the differences between different liturgical celebrations.  If you were ever wondering what the difference was between things like solemnities, feasts, and memorials, my hope is this will help answer those questions.

I’ll be back later with more on what I’m up to today.

Vacation’s Over

No, I wasn’t really on vacation…where could I go, anyway? Everything’s shut down…

But I basically took all of last week off, because I generally try to do as little as possible during the Octave of Easter.  Normally it’s to recover from all the craziness and business of Holy Week and the last days of Lent…and I suppose this year was no different.  For sure, it wasn’t physically exhausting…but it was emotionally exhausting.

Anyway, come tomorrow morning, I’ll be back at it, and you can watch.  I’m the main celebrant and homilist for our grouping’s livestreamed Mass.  Check out our YouTube channel at 10:00 AM on Sunday.