4 thoughts on “April 1, 2020: Wednesday of the 5th Week of Lent

  1. Great message Father Mike. Thanks for not endangering our souls. Everyone needs to calm down! Many prayers to all during this time.


  2. Rant heard. Sorry Fr Mike. Hang in there.

    I am sorry for those who need a priest for funerals and last rites. How terrifying to suffer the loss of a dear family member without consolation of a priest or a funeral mass. That’s probably what has me the most frightened. Masculinity is of course not relevant. Perhaps there is a way to do a funeral even if it is only the priest and the deceased then video transmitted to the family.

    I hear your frustration and have no doubt whatsoever of your commitment to the priesthood or to your flock. Praying for all priests.

    Erin Fort


  3. Very sorry that you have to endure folks who take things so out of context. We are all called to obedience and humility and that is what Lent is all about. As a daily communicant, this is very, very hard but I am trying my best to see how God is speaking to me through it. As much as I think I desire Him now, is He calling me to desire Him even more? Romans 8:28-All things work for God for those who love God and work according to His purpose. Keep up the good work!


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