Vacation’s Over

No, I wasn’t really on vacation…where could I go, anyway? Everything’s shut down…

But I basically took all of last week off, because I generally try to do as little as possible during the Octave of Easter.  Normally it’s to recover from all the craziness and business of Holy Week and the last days of Lent…and I suppose this year was no different.  For sure, it wasn’t physically exhausting…but it was emotionally exhausting.

Anyway, come tomorrow morning, I’ll be back at it, and you can watch.  I’m the main celebrant and homilist for our grouping’s livestreamed Mass.  Check out our YouTube channel at 10:00 AM on Sunday.

One thought on “Vacation’s Over

  1. Thanks for sharing! We will be tuning in at 10:00. Had to have my Rowan show me how to subscribe to another YouTube channel to get the notification in the morning to screen to the tv. 🙂


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