We have safely arrived.  All of us.

The bus from Pittsburgh to DC was ok.  The flight from DC to Munich was…well, I guess the only positive things I can say about it were that there was no turbulence and we arrived perhaps 30 minutes early.  I expected a lot more out of this unnamed, German flag carrier.  My brief layover in Munich was nice – had some wurst.  The flight to Kraków was good – I slept most of it.  The bus drivers from the airport got lost twice finding the hotel.  I don’t understand.  There were only like 2 turns.

Now we have our big welcome dinner, and then I think I am going to get some sleep in a proper bed.  I’m beat.  But at least we all got here safely.

Of course we did.  Today is the Feast of the Apostle James.  Saint James happens to be the patron saint of people making pilgrimages.  No coincidences in the Kingdom of God….

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