Today has to be divided into two posts.  Just has to.  You’ll see why later.

This morning we traveled to Wadowice, hometown of Pope Saint John Paul II.  We started the day with Mass in a the private chapel of the Carmelite fathers, a chapel where JPII himself celebrated Mass several times.

In his homily, Bishop Zubik challenged us to reflect on what is foundational in our life.  Today’s Gospel spoke about a merchant selling everything he owes to obtain a pearl of great price…so what is our pearl of great price?  Is it Jesus?  If it’s not…may I humbly suggest that you might be doing this wrong?

After Mass, we had a little bit of time to explore the town.  Not much time, but enough.  Found the church where John Paul II was baptized at; said a brief prayer at the baptismal font.  

This really got to me.  A week after I first moved to Rome, we went to Assisi to begin language school, and one of the first things we did there was go to the Basilica of San Rufino, the church where both Saint Francis and Saint Clare were baptized.  I was just struck with awe; I mean, how holy could that font be, that it produced these two great saints?  And how holy is this font in Wadowice, to produce so great a pope?

The answer, of course, is that they are no holier than any other font in any other church in the world.  We all can be saints; indeed, by our very baptism we are called to be nothing less.

Figure out what your foundation is.  Make sure it’s strong.  And then build the Kingdom on it.

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