Should priests talk less?

There’s an interesting column from America magazine making the circuit on Facebook these days regarding the homily at Mass.  Here’s a link if you’re interested.

In short, the author’s point is that homilies ought to be shorter, sometimes MUCH shorter, and that priests all generally follow the same formula when crafting their homilies, and that it doesn’t work.  He makes a few other theological claims, too, some of which I find inaccurate.

Nevertheless, I am interested in the discussion.  I would imagine you come to this blog, such as it is, to read my homilies; the overwhelming majority of my readers have heard my homilies.  So what are your thoughts on the matter?  Generally speaking (let’s not get personal here), are homilies too long?  Or are they not long enough?  And what are you looking for when you hear a sermon?

Fire away in the comments section…

One thought on “Should priests talk less?

  1. didn’t read the article…don’t need to. My thoughts…if the homily hits home…I don’t care how long (well maybe an half hour would be too long) but as long as it’s good….the homily is one of my favorite parts of mass! (usually) You have a gift of writing excellent ones (mostly) that always make me feel like I have to do more!


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