New assignment announcement

Today’s a big day in the Diocese as we announce the new parish groupings and clergy assignments.  I’m not going to get into too much of it here, because it will all be addressed in future posts, but I will say this much:

Effective Monday, October 15th, I am being appointed as Part-Time Senior Parochial Vicar at Immaculate Conception and Saint Hilary parishes, as well as chaplain to the students and staff at Washington & Jefferson College, Waynesburg University, and California University of Pennsylvania.

More details will follow.

2 thoughts on “New assignment announcement

  1. This is a copy of my response to your email to St. Richard’s parishioners. I’m sending it this way in case you don’t receive it.

    I was sorry to hear that you will be leaving. I understand the Bishop’s decision in that you will be chaplain at the colleges in the Washington area. You are a born teacher, and are very skilled in teaching a lesson through your homilies. I love listening to you, and when I’m unable to attend Mass at St. Richard’s, I love to read your homilies and your communiques. If it’s not too much trouble, would you please continue to share your thoughts, your lessons? God bless you on your future course.


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