The Conway Communiqué, June 1

“To obey the commandments of our Savior Jesus Christ is worthy neither of blame or condemnation…no right-thinking person falls away from piety to impiety.”  – from the account of the martyrdom of Saint Justin

The story of Saint Justin is one that remains relevant today.  Justin was not, it seems, born into a Christian family, but he was a Roman citizen, and while not perhaps fabulously wealthy, comfortable enough that he was able to afford an education.  As such, he was exposed to a variety of cultures and ideas as he came of age, and was influenced by all of them.  Above all, though, he sought the truth, and would adhere to this or that philosophy until he realized it was lacking something.  Only in embracing the Church did he find Truth itself, and he ended his search.  Then he began his real work – sharing that Truth with others, which he did eloquently and in all circumstances, even when he knew it would cost him his head.

Justin wasn’t a bishop or a priest; he wasn’t a great theologian; he wasn’t a visionary mystic.  He was just a guy who sought after the truth and shared it with others.  What are you seeking in your life?  What do you share with others?

Some news and notes:

PRAYERS:  In your prayers, please remember Ann Mech, who was buried this morning.  Please also pray for Michael Ignatius Myron, Samantha Beverly Brown, and Aiden James Burke, all of whom will be baptized this weekend.

APPALACHIA:  Thank you for your generosity to our Appalachia Mission Group last weekend.  As a reminder to those going on the trip, there is a mandatory meeting this Sunday night.  Call Taylor or Don in the Youth Ministry Office if you have questions.

WEDNESDAY:  Couple of things to draw to your attention for Wednesday.  First, there will not be an evening Mass nor confessions.  Mass will be at 9 AM that day.  Also, please pray for Fr. Tom that day; June 6 is the anniversary of his ordination.

SEMINARIAN MING:  On June 23, Bishop Zubik will ordain 4 men to the order of deacon, including our very own Seminarian Ming.  The parish will be taking a bus down to the cathedral so that we can celebrate, and more importantly, pray with him.  To reserve a spot on the bus, call the parish office.

FAITH FORMATION:  Parents, if your child is returning for another year of faith formation in the fall, please pick up your packet of information in the narthex after Mass this weekend.  If you will be registering for the faith formation for the first time this year, then don’t worry about anything yet…your time will come.

RUMMAGE SALE:  Last day for drop-off is this Tuesday; the sale itself starts next Friday.

I have to be leaving something out, but that seems to be about it.  Sorry the email was so late today, but it was a crazy morning.  Enjoy the weekend, and know that you are loved.  See you at Mass!


Fr. Mike

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