July 26, 2020: 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

I’m back, by popular demand.  There have been calls for me to resume these posts on a daily basis…that might not be very practical, but I’ll see what I can do.  Certainly, I’ll do better than I have been doing.

Today’s readings are found here.

I make a number of references to what St. Thomas Aquinas has to say about wisdom.  (No surprise, really.)  It all comes from the Summa Theologica,  II-IIae, q. 45, a.1, 3, and 6.  If you’re really that interested, you can read it here.

3 thoughts on “July 26, 2020: 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  1. Welcome back! i thought i was dreaming when i saw the post – i fell asleep and just woke up! What a better place we all would be in this world if we all prayed to the Holy Spirit for His greatest gift – i thought of this during your homily before you mentioned it. See I was listening.


  2. Yay! Your’e back:-) That was great! I loved all of your points at the end and what our goal should be…getting to heaven! Never thought about praying to God to grow in wisdom, but your post makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing Father Mike! Have a great Sunday!


  3. Guess who’s back? Conway’s back, back again! Yeah! Just as I was starting to feel a little lost again, here’s comes Father Mike to put me back on track! Thank you! 🙏🏻


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