Church Tour Stop 2: St. Joseph

EDIT: The video is supposed to end at the 20:01 mark, but it goes on for another 16 minutes. So don’t be alarmed at the length of the video; rather, be alarmed at my lack of editing abilities. (The audio looped, and I thought I had fixed it, but apparently not. No wonder it took so long to upload…)

We continue our tour of the churches of St. Thomas the Apostle parish by heading into Duquesne and visiting St. Joseph church…

One thought on “Church Tour Stop 2: St. Joseph

  1. I really enjoyed the tour of Saint Joseph church. I was baptized and I grew up in that parish. So to answer the question about the Saint Agnes window, perhaps it was because the first parishioners at Saint Joseph (1897) had been attending the other neighboring German church, Saint Agnes. (1867)
    I have several pictures of the early sanctuary. One from 1904, one from 1915, one from the 30s and 40s, and one from 1955. The current sanctuary has been pretty much the same since 1972 when they updated everything in celebration of the 75th anniversary.


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