New Adventure

I’m announcing this at all my Masses this weekend, so I might as well make it super-official and publish it here:

Bishop Zubik has named me as pastor of Christ the Divine Shepherd Parish, Monroeville/Penn Hills, effective Friday, October 15.

Not that I was posting much anyway, but you can expect even fewer posts (is that even possible?) between now and then as I pack, move, and unpack. My hope, though, is that in the future, I’ll have more time to write and/or record stuff for this blog. It’s a big parish and there’s plenty of work to do, but the Mass schedule is much easier to handle, and I won’t be running between 8 different churches, either. So, hopefully, I’ll find more time for this. Hopefully.

3 thoughts on “New Adventure

  1. Good luck with your new transition Father Mike. Sounds like a good deal that you won’t be running all over the place. Your new parish is lucky to have you. We heard the news last night at Edge. Will you be doing any of the Upper Room nights? Hope to see you soon.


  2. Good luck with your new assignment, Father Mike. We will really miss you and your wonderful homilies. Best of luck with the move. Holy perseverance!


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