November 21: Christ the King

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about my move has been that my day off has changed. it only moved from Wednesday to Thursday, but that’s enough to throw off my weekly routine. Now that I see that in writing, that seems to be a fairly ridiculous statement. But it has disrupted my routine, and what’s suffering lately is my homily preparation. I feel like I’m rushing it and I’ve not been pleased with the results lately (not that I ever am, of course.) This weekend was no exception. I had an idea worked out, more or less, in my head, and ran with it on Saturday night. It was ok, I suppose; no one walked out and no one complained about it after, but it just didn’t feel right. I tried again with it at the early Mass Sunday morning; that was even worse. (I was also in a terrible mood Sunday morning, so that could have something to do with it.) I retreated to my office between Masses, made a cup of coffee, and decided to throw out what I had and start over. And I think it went…better. If I had more time to work with this one, it could have been something. Anyway, the Gospel starts somewhere around the 12 minute mark, I think. Enjoy.

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