Some Stuff Surrounding (p)Salms

I’m awfully apologetic for the author’s audacity to use an alliterative title.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop, I promise.

Anyway, some time back, I was asked to return to Ss. Martha & Mary Parish and give a talk as part of their Upper Room program. The program is their way of doing faith formation for 7th and 8th grade students to help prepare them for Confirmation, but also to help transition them from a traditional classroom model of faith formation into more of a youth group model. The idea behind it is that it gets them ready and engaged to be part of the youth group when the time comes, and if we can keep them active in youth group, we keep them active in the church, and we form them as better Catholics.

The topic I was given was: The Psalms: Who, What, Why, When & Where? I may or may not have actually answered all of those questions, but I certainly did talk long enough. I’ll leave it here for you to enjoy.

One thought on “Some Stuff Surrounding (p)Salms

  1. This was great Father Mike. I had a chance to watch the other night. My 7th grader enjoyed your talk too. I find it incredible that The Book of Pslams give expression to an amazing array of emotions! Your last statement was great….find one– Learn it, Love it, Live it!
    We will certainly work on that one at home! As always…thanks for sharing!


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